"How I Eliminated My Lyme & Autoimmune Joint Pain Without Relying on OTCs or Pharmaceuticals"
Presenter: Dr. Christine Arseneau, CEO & Founder of Lyme Support
Featured in: Lyme 360, Sound Health Radio, Lyme Voice, 
Pharmacy Today, Elephant Journal, Tick Boot Camp Podcast
Pain-free for 5+ years after 20+ years of Chronic Lyme disease
EXCLUSIVE Training With Dr. Christine Arseneau, Pharm.D., FMCHC:
  • How to Eliminate Autoimmune Joint Pain with simple fixes to address root causes so you can finally decrease inflammation - not just mask symptoms with OTCs and Pharmaceuticals
  • How to Eliminate Your Chronic Joint Pain Even If You have Tried Herbs and Supplements For Pain and They Didn't Work
  • Why You Can Eliminate Daily Joint Pain That is Interfering with Your Work and Family Life Even if Your Pain has been Beyond Your Control for Years
100% No Cost  Valuable Training
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